This is How We Roll…

Ok, so obviously I love country music especially Florida Georgia Line (who I am so over the moon excited to see at Wrigley Field this August; along with Nelly, The Backstreet Boys (I know right?!?!) and Chris Lane. This How we Roll came on as I went to right this blog and I feel it to be fitting. We are all different and as you may have seen so far I love a little bit of everything, that’s how I roll….  So I thought I would mix it up already since just like cupcakes, I love to change things up and be fun and creative sometimes, while still keeping the simplicity. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things to do. Anything DIY or crafty calls my name and when I’m not working with the most amazing kids in the world or doing chores, making memories with my boyfriend and family; coloring or crafting is where I will be! Today I was bummed out since it was the last day of school and with still being out because of my surgery I had to miss seeing some of my students graduate preschool. Also couldn’t watch any shows without the boyfriend and had 12 hours of nothingness so it worked out great that he just got his new Loot Crate box! If you don’t know about it its the coolest box, I love my makeup and FabFitFun subscriptions but I also love Marvel and well I am what some may call a Geek and I am a proud one ❤ In each box you get a really really cool T-shirt so go with the box them!  So after we started dating I began to turn them into a simple work of art to put up in his man cave. All you need is thumbtacks (the one with the flat tops) Foam board and a Exacto- knife. Simply cut the foam board to fit the size and the design and your preference. Then tightly arrange it on the foam board and use the tacks to secure it in the back then Bibity boobity boo….you have a quick piece of art work for you! (or someone else <3) Go check out The Goonies one I just made for my boyfriend on my Instagram: Cupcakelisaanne ❤ !


Girls Just Wanna…

Shop! Yes, I said that four lettered “s” word. Let’s face it who doesn’t get a high from shopping. You go to the store or shop online and your on top of the world. You get home and go through your new treasures, or waiting for a package to arrive…it’s like Christmas and your birthday all at once. Well today was like heaven to me! I felt like Amy Adams in Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was my first time out and about after surgery. Most of my recent shopping was on Wish.  My best friend (my mom) my aunt and my cousin went on a small little adventure. We started at Ross were I purchased something that I not only love and enjoy but I hope my kids and future generations can enjoy! If we back up to last year very close to this time. I was going through a bad break up and heaven sent me a little angel named Chris. (Maybe I’ll share that story tomorrow ). Well Chris changed my life and with UP! being one of my favorite movies I wanted our scrapbook to be just like the adventure book. Well today I found the perfect album…please go check it out on my INSTAGRAM: cupcakelisaanne. Last one just waiting patiently for me. Just when things couldn’t get better I got some new cute summer clothes at such an amazing price. Point being is that shopping makes us feel good, even if just for a brief high. But I can’t but sit here and wonder during the aftermath why it gives me such a high. What am I missing in my life….what gap or space am I filling? and How do I fill those? Is it even possible?


Buying a few new outfits made me so happy. Then hours later, did I need that?  I have a million things I never wear. And how can I not like anything in my closet when at one point they filled my missing pieces? How do we figure out what it is we need? ❤ Just a little food for thought. Would love to hear your thoughts! Goodnight my cupcakes ❤ .

Keep on swimming……

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would throw a Disney reference in and well here I am, day two and there it is. I just felt it was fitting since here I am keeping up with my blog. I am so used to always giving up on things, I promised I wouldn’t do it with this. Since I was old enough to watch Sex and the City, I would watch episodes over and over and wish I could sit and write every night and be just like Sarah Jessica Parker. Documenting and telling all of my secrets and love life stories and adventures. Had I started then I would have so many amazing stories to look back on and share with others who may relate and enjoy. So I’m not wasting no more time. I plan on blogging everyday as long as its possible. I hope to also recount all the amazing, hilarious,sad,touching stories that brought me to where I am and made me the person I  am this day. Hope everyone has a great night….check out my Instagram at CupcakeLisanne to see the art project I am working on ❤

Que Sera Sera…..

Whatever will be will be, a beautiful song sung by the late great Doris Day. My mom used to sing it to me when I was a little girl and the older I got the more that it made sense. It just so happens to be the first tattoo I got on my shoulder when I was freshly 18 years old. Check out my Instagram at Cupcakelisaanne to see a picture  ❤ .  Unfortunately, life isn’t all butterflies and unicorns and whatever those may be maybe aren’t all good things. But either way we can’t spend our days worried about things that can and can not happen. Two weeks ago I had to have my gallbladder removed. A simple surgery you would say but to me it was life changing and lead me here. Up until now (27 years old) I never had surgery or any thing major wrong.  So going through testing all the pre- surgery Ekg,blood work,etc, and of course the surgery  was a lot for me. After going through that I decided I need to start doing all the things I think about and talk about but never do. I said on Instagram after I reached 10 K I would start my blog and my store, 14k later I still haven’t and times ticking.  So……here I am one thing I’ve wanted to do forever….start a blog. so welcome to my blog……I’ve wanted to do this for years. Thanks for reading and hope you come back for plenty of more  ❤ .