Que Sera Sera…..

Whatever will be will be, a beautiful song sung by the late great Doris Day. My mom used to sing it to me when I was a little girl and the older I got the more that it made sense. It just so happens to be the first tattoo I got on my shoulder when I was freshly 18 years old. Check out my Instagram at Cupcakelisaanne to see a picture  ❤ .  Unfortunately, life isn’t all butterflies and unicorns and whatever those may be maybe aren’t all good things. But either way we can’t spend our days worried about things that can and can not happen. Two weeks ago I had to have my gallbladder removed. A simple surgery you would say but to me it was life changing and lead me here. Up until now (27 years old) I never had surgery or any thing major wrong.  So going through testing all the pre- surgery Ekg,blood work,etc, and of course the surgery  was a lot for me. After going through that I decided I need to start doing all the things I think about and talk about but never do. I said on Instagram after I reached 10 K I would start my blog and my store, 14k later I still haven’t and times ticking.  So……here I am one thing I’ve wanted to do forever….start a blog. so welcome to my blog……I’ve wanted to do this for years. Thanks for reading and hope you come back for plenty of more  ❤ . 



5 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera…..

  1. Welcome to blogging!!! I’m so happy that you’re here. 💕 That’s a beautiful, inspiring quote. Definitely a great first tattoo! I’m so sorry that you went through that surgery; I’m 17 years old and haven’t had any major surgeries yet. Ill probably be getting my wisdom teeth out soon, which I’m nervous about because of the IV sedation. Haha I’m not looking forward to that! I hope you’re having a beautiful day x

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    • Thank you so much ! This means the world to me! I am so glad I found your blog! You blog is so beautiful and I cant wait for more. I know its hard but try not to worry about your wisdom teeth even though I know all too well worrying is hard to stop. But you will do great!! I hope you as well have a beautiful inspiring day! Please let me know how your wisdom teeth removal goes ❤

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