Keep on swimming……

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would throw a Disney reference in and well here I am, day two and there it is. I just felt it was fitting since here I am keeping up with my blog. I am so used to always giving up on things, I promised I wouldn’t do it with this. Since I was old enough to watch Sex and the City, I would watch episodes over and over and wish I could sit and write every night and be just like Sarah Jessica Parker. Documenting and telling all of my secrets and love life stories and adventures. Had I started then I would have so many amazing stories to look back on and share with others who may relate and enjoy. So I’m not wasting no more time. I plan on blogging everyday as long as its possible. I hope to also recount all the amazing, hilarious,sad,touching stories that brought me to where I am and made me the person I  am this day. Hope everyone has a great night….check out my Instagram at CupcakeLisanne to see the art project I am working on ❤


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