Girls Just Wanna…

Shop! Yes, I said that four lettered “s” word. Let’s face it who doesn’t get a high from shopping. You go to the store or shop online and your on top of the world. You get home and go through your new treasures, or waiting for a package to arrive…it’s like Christmas and your birthday all at once. Well today was like heaven to me! I felt like Amy Adams in Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was my first time out and about after surgery. Most of my recent shopping was on Wish.  My best friend (my mom) my aunt and my cousin went on a small little adventure. We started at Ross were I purchased something that I not only love and enjoy but I hope my kids and future generations can enjoy! If we back up to last year very close to this time. I was going through a bad break up and heaven sent me a little angel named Chris. (Maybe I’ll share that story tomorrow ). Well Chris changed my life and with UP! being one of my favorite movies I wanted our scrapbook to be just like the adventure book. Well today I found the perfect album…please go check it out on my INSTAGRAM: cupcakelisaanne. Last one just waiting patiently for me. Just when things couldn’t get better I got some new cute summer clothes at such an amazing price. Point being is that shopping makes us feel good, even if just for a brief high. But I can’t but sit here and wonder during the aftermath why it gives me such a high. What am I missing in my life….what gap or space am I filling? and How do I fill those? Is it even possible?


Buying a few new outfits made me so happy. Then hours later, did I need that?  I have a million things I never wear. And how can I not like anything in my closet when at one point they filled my missing pieces? How do we figure out what it is we need? ❤ Just a little food for thought. Would love to hear your thoughts! Goodnight my cupcakes ❤ .


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