This is How We Roll…

Ok, so obviously I love country music especially Florida Georgia Line (who I am so over the moon excited to see at Wrigley Field this August; along with Nelly, The Backstreet Boys (I know right?!?!) and Chris Lane. This How we Roll came on as I went to right this blog and I feel it to be fitting. We are all different and as you may have seen so far I love a little bit of everything, that’s how I roll….  So I thought I would mix it up already since just like cupcakes, I love to change things up and be fun and creative sometimes, while still keeping the simplicity. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things to do. Anything DIY or crafty calls my name and when I’m not working with the most amazing kids in the world or doing chores, making memories with my boyfriend and family; coloring or crafting is where I will be! Today I was bummed out since it was the last day of school and with still being out because of my surgery I had to miss seeing some of my students graduate preschool. Also couldn’t watch any shows without the boyfriend and had 12 hours of nothingness so it worked out great that he just got his new Loot Crate box! If you don’t know about it its the coolest box, I love my makeup and FabFitFun subscriptions but I also love Marvel and well I am what some may call a Geek and I am a proud one ❤ In each box you get a really really cool T-shirt so go with the box them!  So after we started dating I began to turn them into a simple work of art to put up in his man cave. All you need is thumbtacks (the one with the flat tops) Foam board and a Exacto- knife. Simply cut the foam board to fit the size and the design and your preference. Then tightly arrange it on the foam board and use the tacks to secure it in the back then Bibity boobity boo….you have a quick piece of art work for you! (or someone else <3) Go check out The Goonies one I just made for my boyfriend on my Instagram: Cupcakelisaanne ❤ !


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