About CupcakeLisaAnne

Hello, My name is Lisa Anne or as you may know me from Instagram as CupcakeLisaAnne. It all started with my love for cupcakes and wanting my own cupcake shop. I mean who doesn’t love cupcakes? They described my personality perfectly. They can be endless with flavors, frosting and toppings. They can be wild and colorful, or simple and elegant; just like me. I am a little bit of everything, I am quite a hoot…maybe that’s why I love owls so much? I love owls and have tons of them, which I am sure you will see ❤ I also never really grew up, a little like a female Peter pan. oh and speaking of Disney; there is nothing that makes me happier and gives me that hummingbird heartbeat like the Disney Enchanted castle on the screen with fireworks. That’s when you know your about to see something so magical and well in this chaotic world we live in its important to have a little sparkle and magic! I am a firm believer of following your arrow. In fact a little fun fact its the title of one of my favorite songs and its sung by Kacey Musgraves (who happens to have the same birthday as me) I love tattoos. Currently I have four and they all mean the world. A butterfly with que sera sera, an arrow of course, a flower with life is beautiful in the stem (inspired by my favorite film originally in Italian called La Vita bella. Oh and I have my Mandela lotus that means the world to me! Hopefully you visit my site and get to see my crazy life and get a few laughs and maybe some fun ideas. ❤

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